In a world where film archivists, historians, museums and information scientists research the practice of ARCHIVING, what can a media designer bring to the table?

Week 4 Meeting w/Shona

Hi Shona, here’s what I want to share today with you……
Archive Tray on Vimeo
-What my project is about.
-Project Directions.
-Exhibition Design: Entry points vs Scenario?

These are notes from last week:

I need to make more explicit:
—Looking at the role of locating a virtual object in a physical space. Tangible locations & virtual objects.
—Tangible object & virtual relationships
—I’m working on issues of scale. Both in content and interfaces.
-moveable surface
-mobile / handheld
-environment / space

What are the primary points I want to make?
This should help me triage projects that fit with ones that don’t.

I should be able to talk in detail of each’s:
—how did I generate new knowledge
-what new learnings do I bring?
—potential directions
—how it can be applied

How am I organizing this project…what’s my organizing principle?
—10 experiment in different direction where the writing pulls it together?
-do I show 5-10 interfaces/experiments that relate to 5-10 questions?

—Or scenario of tray, wall, and room?
-and then I could still show maybe 3-5 other experiments

Room Layouts:

My project addresses:
-Bridging multiple disparate collections
-Virtual info with physical place is helpful

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