In a world where film archivists, historians, museums and information scientists research the practice of ARCHIVING, what can a media designer bring to the table?

Design Dialogues w/Benjamin Bratton

“There isn’t any industrial design theory—but there ought to be”

Theory is:
-what’s next
-to set an agenda
-explain, communicate, synthesize what’s coming next

Interfaces: Any point of contact between two complex systems that governs the conditions of exchange of those two systems.

shells within shells within shells (systems within systems)

Condition of Interface: openess or closedness

Interface (n): word first appeared around 1882—a product of modernity

Interface designers can be good at designing inside the glowing rectangle (screen), some are good outside the screen. The best ones can do both well. (This is where I want to be, but closer to where the screen or computer is less apparent).

More interfaces > the more we ask of them > the more they govern the complex systems

The computational capacity of an image is what allows it to shift from diagram to interface.

Interfaces can be plan-able, repeatable, scalable (like office cubicles).

Asymetry (power) in interfaces.

PROJECT IDEA: spend a day documenting everything I interface with. Create an archive of it all.

Interface Design: Condition of transference that could become a “thing”, something.
“Moment of Becoming” and “Associology after Society”

Look up: Rhyzomes

Modes of Interface Design:
Subway System (NYC Metro) — to design conditions of assemblage
Subway Map (DC Metro Map) — to design images of assemblage
Recording Software (On-screen interfaces like Garageband) — to design image-instruments of assemblage

Network-centered design
Human-centered design

Shift in design thinking….based off of what IT can offer. “Since they have this we can do this.”

Flows forming structure VS. structures forming flow.
(Tim Durfee’s museum signage/interface VS. Colosseum in Rome)

10 to the 23rd is the theoretical blank space that I can design interfaces for.

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