In a world where film archivists, historians, museums and information scientists research the practice of ARCHIVING, what can a media designer bring to the table?

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Thesis Site Map

Site map for my thesis website coming soon!

System Diagram

My (in progress) proposed access model:
proposed model
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This is not a Wunderkammer…

imac wunderkammer
Google + PC ≠ Wunderkammer.

Curiosity Epicenters

So after my review two weeks ago, I’ve begun to think more about my thesis direction and how I want to remix these curiosity epicenters (aka archives) with wunderkammern and tasting rooms.
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An Archive Tasting Room (Proposal Draft)

ABSTRACT: The Archive Tasting Room is a space situated outside of an archive’s research reading room in which users—both scholarly and casual—can sample or taste a curated selection of past researchers’ experiences and inquiries at archives around the world.
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Key insights from my research trips

The past two weeks I spent traveling to three different archives as both a casual and scholarly researcher. Below is a list of key insights I’ve uncovered while interacting with people, spaces/environments, and institutions that at these visited archives. I came up with a list of about 40 at first, but narrowed it down to my favorites which all have a relative thread.
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Can I recommend a Pinot with that photo?

archive wine
Since my trips to the various archives this past year, I’ve uncovered an intriguing insight—are archivists akin to a Sommelier, DJ, or Antiques Roadshow guest?

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In a researcher’s shoes (part 2)

Last week I spent a few days at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. The GEH is an internationally renown museum of photography and film. They also house huge preservation and archival collection efforts all under the same roof. Read the rest of this entry »

In a researcher’s shoes (part 1)

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has a Pacific Northwest & Alaska Regional location just outside of downtown Seattle, WA.
To see a gallery of my trip and research experience at NARA click here.

How to tell one interface from another…

my real desk
Last night Benjamin Bratton spoke in my Design Dialogues class. He calls himself a sociologist by trade who spends a lot of time with design. His talk was titled: “All design is interface design.” Which when you stop and think about it is or should be true. A lot of what he said struck a chord with me in a good way, helping me to reflect on my thesis work, my future practice and the type of designer I want to be.
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