In a world where film archivists, historians, museums and information scientists research the practice of ARCHIVING, what can a media designer bring to the table?

Final Stretch

With only a few weeks to go until my final presentation and exhibition (not to mention graduation!) this will be my last post this sememster until my new website is completed. Be sure to check out my final project there. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me thus far.

Thesis Site Map

Site map for my thesis website coming soon!

Search Results = Databases Databases ≠ Fun

search results
So I’m on’s website searching for archival materials on “airships” as subject matter for my thesis exhibition and final project when it hits me. This really IS incredibly boring—to comb through endless search results looking for the good stuff. Who wants to stare at a spreadsheet or list of search results all day long? Days actually.
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“A lot of useless files that make it hard to find the good stuff.”

Last weekend Fresh Starts published a column in the New York Times about the up and coming job of the digital archivist. The article explains the new role of the modern archivist with both digitized, born digital and analog files becoming increasingly messy and cluttered and how it’s growing increasingly harder to find that good stuff hidden away in collections.
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System Diagram

My (in progress) proposed access model:
proposed model
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Curated Archive Tray

Archive Tray from Parker Kuncl on Vimeo.
Similar to curated trays of artifacts found in Wunderkammers in the Baroque 16th and 17th centuries, this is my take on a type of tray that when placed on any surface transforms it into a projected display of curated objects from disparate archival collections.
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This is not a Wunderkammer…

imac wunderkammer
Google + PC ≠ Wunderkammer.

Curiosity Cabinets & Social Networking

curiosity cabinet
What do you get when you cross collections and people’s own versions of curiousity cabinets with online social networking tools? Well it looks something like which is currently in its early stages as a closed beta to invited users only but hopefully this could turn out to be a handy tool for amateur wunderkammer collections around the world.

Curiosity Epicenters

So after my review two weeks ago, I’ve begun to think more about my thesis direction and how I want to remix these curiosity epicenters (aka archives) with wunderkammern and tasting rooms.
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Archive Tasting on a mobile device

Archive Tasting with a mobile device from Parker Kuncl on Vimeo.
An Archive Tasting Room is a space in which users—both scholarly or casual—can sample a curated selection of past researchers’ experiences and inquiries at archives around the world.

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